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March 23, 2012

Episode-99- How to Effectively Gain Relationships and Sponsors Part 1

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So on Monday I told you how NOT to reach out to other site owners for links or reviews, etc.  I realized though that my rant while likely entertaining really didn’t tell you the right way to do things.  So today I am making that right.  Not only will I tell you how to gain real solid relationships today, my method for many can actually lead to the foundation of your primary monetization model.

Excuse the short show notes today I have to get on the road down to Dallas-Fort Worth today as early as possible.

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January 11, 2012

Episode-68- What is Money and Are you Repelling It?

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Do you know what money is?  Most people think they do but let me tell you squarely that most people have NO FRICKEN CLUE what money really is.  Worse most people not only don’t what money is, the are actually actively repelling it from their lives, this includes many people with “high incomes”.

Don’t believe me?  This 15 minute episode could very well shake you to the core of what you think you know, what you think you believe and even as to why building a passive income steam is so important.  I am going to warn you the last 5 minutes of today’s show truely will live up to being, “the ramblings of an insane entrepreneur”.  However, let me say it is so damn important to understand.  Most people never realize the shocking truth, they don’t just hate the wealthy and those who have money, which is bad enough.  No, they actually hate money and repel wealth.

I am going to tell you why today, it may be difficult to accept but trust me when I tell you, it is what really happens in the lives of most people and why even high earners seldom have real wealth.

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November 17, 2011

Episode-45- A New Look at the 1000 True Fans Model

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Technium ran an article a few years back called 1000 True Fans and it was a big hit with internet based entrepreneurs.  The reason was simple, it took what seems like a huge task, (earn a living doing what you love) and broke it down into an easy to understand and very doable concept.  Simply put if you get 1,000 people that will spend one years salary on you per year, you have a reasonable income and one most people can easily live on.

The author has down two follow up pieces and even is willing to perform a critical analysis of his own work, (something very few people are willing to do.  The follow up pieces are…

These follow up pieces and other objections I have read to the model got me thinking.  The reality is 1,000 True Fans does work, I have done it.  There are some key holes in the idea though and today I discuss how to fill them.

On another note I went out and go a Plantronics Head Set and a Sony Recorder yesterday.  Today’s show uses the new gear and should provide you a much better audio experience.  So much for iPhone Podcasting!

Some of the key holes in the 1,000 True Fans Model include…

  • 1,000 should be a base not a finish goal
  • You have to produce enough new merchandise per year or back fill new fans
  • Some fans will “fall out”, you have to out build your attrition
  • Your 1,000 fan based income should be one component of your income not your sole income stream
  • Your fans must never be taken for granted
  • There must be a greater focus on your “lesser fans”
  • True fans must be conditioned to be your “champions” and become self replicating

July 13, 2010

Episode-7- Don’t Deny Your True Natue – A Lesson From A Snake

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I recently received a comment on The Survival Podcast blog in response to my advice to “always follow your passion” where the commenter stated.

“In my opinion “following your passion” is bad advice for most people. To say that everyone should follow their passion is like saying that everyone should go to collage.”

This actually concerns me a great deal that many people think this way. I want to be clear that I have no issues with taking a hard and even shitty job to pay the bills when you have to. I have nothing but respect for tough jobs that really take a lot of work for very low pay, if that is where you are in life.

I was there one time myself, I worked in a turkey farm cleaning up the kill and processing rooms at 15. When I first got out of the Army I worked for just over minimum wage in a ware house packing boxes 10 hours a day, the temperature during the summer was about 130 degrees, no exaggeration.

To earn a living we all do what we have to, when it is required of us. That beats the hell out of living on welfare like a sponge. I don’t have any problem with people working in tough even soul sucking work when required.

What I have a massive issue with is people doing it with a belief that it is their limit that it is all they will ever have. When I say follow your passion I mean chase it, believe you can find it and believe you can make it your life’s work. It may take a long time to discover it, longer to make it what you do as a living but never believe it is beyond you.

The big thing is don’t forget your true nature, who and what you really are as a human being. Work for the sake of work is a toxin, hard work is fine just make sure you are doing it in a way to build your life and make it better.

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