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Episode-102- Thoughts on Things Like Zazzle or Cafe Press


One of you guys asked me about using sites like Zazzle to sell items like T-shirts vs. doing your own fulfillment. The simple way to look at this is why are you selling something like t-shirts, hats and mugs? Is it

1. As adjudicative revenue and mostly because you audience wants them.


2. […]

Episode-101- How Greed Prevents the Building of Wealth


Greed In Fact Does Not Create Wealth

I love the TV show The Simpsons (at least I did for years, I feel it has run its course now) and one of my favorite characters is Montgomery Burns, the classic evil and greedy rich man. While such characterizations may make great TV cartoons, they […]

Episode-99- How to Effectively Gain Relationships and Sponsors Part 1


So on Monday I told you how NOT to reach out to other site owners for links or reviews, etc. I realized though that my rant while likely entertaining really didn’t tell you the right way to do things. So today I am making that right. Not only will I tell you how to […]

Episode-84- Treating Your Business Like, Well, A Business


Asking the Right Questions Leads You to Your Business Process.

Some of the things you learned in your career as an employee can often be really useful as you become an entrepreneur. On the other hand many people get stuck on just those components and due to that their business suffers. Owning your […]

Episode-74- Thoughts on a Service Based Business


Services are a High Margin Product whe Run Effectively

It is well known that I prefer a informational or soft product to a hard product for online marketing. I am not anti physical product or anything I just know for a fact margins and logistics are much better with a non physical product.


Episode-65- Always Be Selling


The title of today’s episode may sound like a cut out of “Boiler Room” and I even mention that old movie, you really should watch it if you never have but I mean selling far differently today. I talk to a lot of bloggers, podcasters, youtubers, etc that say something to the effect of…


Episode-61- The Reality of Internet Business Freedom


The freedom you get by building a successful online business is honestly difficult to comprehend. One thing I have realized is I an honestly run my business from anywhere in the world. Getting stupid but accurate if they put a space station on the moon that had a DSL connection I could run my […]

Episode-60- Good Advice, Bad Advice and Parasitic Advice


To me advice from others about business fits one of three categories…

Good Advice – comes from someone who really knows and loves your work or comes from someone who has been successful in the area he/she is giving you advice on. Bad Advice – anything that isn’t covered by good advice Parasitic Advice […]

Episode-54- The Truth about Wealth Creation


Do You Really Understand Wealth Creation

Join me today as I discuss an total idiot of an author who did an article in a recent edition of “Countryside and Small Stock Journal“. I really like this magazine by the way but this article which was called, “The Myth of Wealth” was complete idiocy. […]

Episode-52- Physical Products and Personal Branding


I know I have given most of you the feeling that I don’t like physical products as an entrepreneur. That really isn’t the case at all, it is simply more accurate to say that I prefer informational or soft products for the online business model. There are many reasons but the biggest is that […]