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March 13, 2012

Episode-95- How Any Business Can Use “High Tech and High Touch” Marketing Online

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Often when I talk about well, any form of online marketing the excuses begin to flow.  Well my business is different, we only sell locally, we sell a physical product and don’t ship it, yadda yadda yadda,  My response BULLSHIT.  Business is business folks!  There are certain rules to business with a key one being that people want to do business with people.  I don’t care if the product is software for a global company, a podcast or even used tires.

Yes used tires!  Tune in today to hear how my father basically used the same business model I use today to sell used tires in Jacksonville Florida in the 70s and 80s.  Of course he had no internet to work with back then but the way he did business is exactly how I teach today in 2012.  The reality is the internet isn’t your business it is a communications platform on which you conduct business.

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July 15, 2010

Episode-13- Optimizing Website and Business Processes

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Okay I know most of us are small business people,  bloggers, podcasters, ecommerce sites or perhaps a small offline business that uses a website as a marketing tool.   Most of use don’t want to think about “corporate style” concepts at all, hell that is why we are building something of our own.  So I get that “business process optimization”  might seem like  some sort of Accentrue style bullshit speak, but it absolutely applies to the small business person.

When I talk about optimizing your business and site I am talking about taking the time and effort to do everything you can to get the most desirable result possible.  This includes thinks like setting up analytics and tracking, effective follow up, content creation and many other things will will be discussing in the coming episodes.

The problem is so many of us think a new technology or process will

  • Take too long
  • Be too hard to learn
  • Be a waste of time
  • Not apply to their business

The big problem is many business processes depend on others and failing to do one right can have a very dramatic negative effect on your efforts.  Join me in my garden today as we discuss how one factor can huge effect even with a very minor variance.

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