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Episode-45- A New Look at the 1000 True Fans Model


Technium ran an article a few years back called 1000 True Fans and it was a big hit with internet based entrepreneurs. The reason was simple, it took what seems like a huge task, (earn a living doing what you love) and broke it down into an easy to understand and very doable concept. […]

Episode-25- Defining the Who, What and How


Today’s episode of Five Minutes with Jack focuses on Defining the Who, What and How of your target market demographic.

The last few episodes were really a series and this one wraps them up before we go on to a new subject. Up till now we have simplified marketing by stating that the […]

Episode-22- Passion, Persistence and the Rules of Business


Okay you have heard me say it that there is nothing more important in building a business than passion. You have heard me state that if you have enough passion you can make a successful business in any niche. Recently during an interview with Interesting Times Magazine though the editor took exception to that, […]