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April 24, 2012

Episode-110- Using Zello as a Social Media Tool

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Zello Can Build Relationships and Businesses

Zello Can Build Relationships and Businesses

Last Friday I learned about an app called Zello on my podcast from a listener.  I downloaded it at once because I understood it might be a great tool for communicatioins.  It has a lot of preparedness components so that was my initial take on it.  However, I have now determined that Zello may be one of the ultimate social media applications ever created.

If you remember Nextel Zello is a lot like the old Nextel radio and you can install it on any Android or iPhone for free. Once you set up an account you can then set up “channels” which are like chat rooms in a way.  You can then talk to anyone who joins and is listening to the channel.  I have been talking to my audience on the ride to my office each morning and the results have been awesome, it has formed better relationships, given me a lot of great feedback and ideas and has been FUN AS HELL.

Tune in to learn more about using Zello, find out about the new RoadTo100K Channel and what a Zello conversation sounds like.

Oh and for people that don’t have an Android or iPhone you can run it on your PC or Mac as well.  You can download and learn more about Zello here.

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August 27, 2010

Episode-28- Why Audio and Video Should be Part of your Brand

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Today we discuss how audio and video belong on your website and in your social media efforts as part of building your brand.

I think most people by now understand the need for audio and or video in many if not most websites.  Problem is that most people who will say that turn around with the classic “but not me” pile of bullshit.  Of course you!  But beyond that I think most people do not understand the paradigm shift if what I call information portability.

From the advent  of the printing press until the evolution of current video and audio methods on the web the most portable form of information was print.  Even when email and web browsing took over print was still a huge way to make data portable.  The number one selling accessory for computers of course was the printer.  Find an article and want to read it later, what did you do?  Print it of course.  Later on you could read it while having lunch in a restaurant, while kicking back on your deck or even in the john.

The issue with print is and has always been that it requires your full and undivided attention.  You can’t (or at least shouldn’t) read while driving on a highway, jogging, walking in the woods, doing your “day job” and a million other daily tasks that require our primary but not full attention.  During these tasks our vision and our ability to hold something in a way where it can be read are limited, however your ears are quite often open for business.  Think about it how many cars don’t have a stereo?

So today it is audio that is the most portable of all information.  While it requires a “player” of some type such as an ipod, iphone, mp3 player etc. to be fully portable they are very common today, in fact the majority of phones have the ability to act as an mp3 or even video player.  Here is the big thing, all video is also audio, now while some video requires you to watch it most “informational video” does not.  You can pause and tune in to highly visual components but most video information, like my podcast for instance can be listened to only and the litener still gets 90% or more of the information.

In the past entrepreneurs and businesses used tapes, cd’s etc to leverage this concept but the cost of production severely limited their distribution.  Today with electronic distribution a business can put out the most portable data ever produced daily with a very low distribution cost, the beauty being that cost is tied directly to demand with bandwith.  Instead of producing 5,000 tapes you produce the media and only pay to distribute what people actually download and even then the cost is fraction of pennies on the dollar.

The big thing to grasp is unlike a blog, typical website, news paper (on or offline) this audio or audio component of a video is 100% portable not just in the ability to distribute but in the ability of your audience to absorb it.  From driving a car, to listening while you work, to taking a hike your data if it is valued will be listened to by your audience.

There is one more magic element to this, but that will be held for the next episode.

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