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Episode-75- IP Diversity and Content Format Diversity


Creating Consistant and Great Content is More Important than Its Format

Okay you get a twofer today! The fist listener question is about IP diversity in relation to building a site network. In other words is it bad to have 50 sites on one shared IP, in general the answer is yes but […]

Episode-47- Are You An Expert or a Specialist



What is the difference between a specialist and an expert. A specialist has highly specialized knowledge that he can use to do something. From programming a computer, to making a fine piece of furniture or writing a complex self learning algorithm. Many specialists are to turn a phrase “wicked smart” but that doesn’t […]

Episode-39- SEO or Just Blow and Go?


Considering SEO (search engine optimization) was my entire life about 10 years ago you might expect me to come down on the side of highly aggressive and technical SEO, you would be wrong. While I find SEO to be important and something most site owners do wrong I also feel it is highly secondary […]

Episode-34- How to Effectively Reuse Your Previous Content


A member recently asked about reusing your content specifically taking older blog posts and redoing them as podcasts. There were wondering if this was a good idea and would it be effective as a marketing tactic. I believe it is first of all because I have successfully done it but additionally consider the following…