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January 23, 2012

Episode-71- The Importance and Impact of Domain Structure

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Just How Important is the Structure of Your Domain Name?

Just How Important is the Structure of Your Domain Name?

I have had a version of the following question no less than 12 times this month so far…

How important is it to get a domain that is a dot com and exactly matches your primary key word or phrase?

The answer is really kind of weird as it is…

1.  In some ways very important
2.  In some ways not that important at all

Here’s why, if you wanted to rank your site for “blue widgets” there is absolutely no doubt that if you owned it would be a tremendous advantage to getting a top rank for the term.  Further if the term is only moderately competitive it is just about guaranteed that owning that domain along with very basic SEO would result in a top three if not a number one ranking.

On the other hand there are plenty of ultra competitive terms with sites having top ranks that don’t have the term in the URL at all.  The URL structure is only one component of search engine rankings, though it is in some ways a very powerful one.

With ranking a site for say “blue widgets” I would state that if you can get any domain you want the following rules apply

  1. The best domain would be
  2. The second best option would be,, etc.
  3. The third best option would be something like or
  4. The fourth best option would be something like
  5. The last option would be something like or (the second one is great for a “mini site”)
  6. In the end content and links will have the greater effect on ranking anyway so get the best domain you can and rock on.

The above is all purely from a search engine ranking perspective.  There are many other factors such as with the right term you can get a lot of  “direct request traffic”.  Also a site like is ideal for word of mouth marketing or conventional advertising for a variety of reasons.  To hear more on this often confusing subject tune in to today’s episode.

For more on my thoughts about not obsessing over this topic to much listen to Episode-30- Dot Net, Dot Com, Dot Org and Negative Greed

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July 10, 2010

Episode-3- Don’t Be Cheap and Use Word Press

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In episode three I discuss a few important things. First the importance of spending a little money on hosting and a domain name. You are trying to build a business and a brand, you don’t do that with or you do it with and hosting is so cheap that it costs less than a cup of convenient store coffee each week.

Next I discuss some of the reasons I really like wordpress as a site platform, hosted on your own server and under your control of course. I also discuss some of my favorites plugins like

  • Buddy Press
  • TweetMeme
  • SEO Smart Links
  • All In One SEO Pack

Please note that while I provide links to these plugins you can install them with a click or two from the plugin section of the admin area on any WordPress blog.

I also recommended Host Gator, if you that link you will get a discount when you set up an account with them. I currently use three different hosts to create redundancy with my sites, HostGator puts them ALL to shame with their levels of 24/7/365 support.

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