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October 2015
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Episode-94- Being and Employee is not a Natural State for Human Being

I have a special and hopefully a motivational message for you today, I want to talk to you about why human beings are not meant to be employed. I am not saying we are not meant to work or have what some might call, “gainful employment”. What I actually mean is humans are not [...]

Episode-59- Defining Success

What doe success mean? Is it a number? Sadly on some levels yes, happily you get to pick the number based on what you want it to be.

Join me today for…

How I define success The hidden expenses of self employment The impact of health insurance Measuring your income monthly based on a [...]

Episode-42- Why Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur is a Noble Pursuit

I firmly believe that becoming a a successful entrepreneur with a sustainable business that pays all their bills is one of life most noble of all pursuits. The simple fact is that many people have a negative view of money and business owners, such people are generally destined to remain slaves to a system [...]