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August 19, 2010

Episode-27- Internet Marketing Landmine Number Five

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Today on Five Minutes with Jack we discuss have for many business people, especially part time or small time internet marketers not setting priority to daily tasks is over one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

Remember in Landmine One, we discussed making sure you always develop a plan for each project you choose to start. There is probably nothing more important then setting priority when it comes to the planning process. If you don’t set priority to each task make a list and rank the action items in order of importance you will never actually do your tasks in the right order.

Not setting priority will at a minimum make your projects take longer to complete, often it will result in skipping critical steps that will hurt your ROI (return of investment) and many times it is actually the death nail in killing projects that simply never get completed.

So how do you set priority? The process is simply a matter of first writing down all the steps you need to accomplish to finish the project, second being honest with yourself about which ones most need to be done first, third creating phases and assigning groups of tasks to each phase and finally identifying any sub tasks for each main task and prioritizing them.

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