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March 1, 2012

Episode-89- SEO Lies, Key Words and Bring Real Value

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Today’s show is a complete whirl wind of insanity and information from a very keyed up and ranting Jack Spirko.

First I explain to you the effect that key words in title and description tags do have on ranking in the SERPs and provide conclusive proof that Matt Cutts is a liar when he says they have “no effect on search engine rankings”.  I then move on to the question,”how many keywords should I target per page”, the answer is not a simple number.  It is really more about combining long and short tail phrases to “hedge your bet so to speak”.  I also discuss using key word tools like Google’s Keyword Tool and using Word Tracker.

I finish up today with explaining why you have to give your very best information away.  How it builds relationships, creates revenue opportunity and makes you eventually successful.  The days of holding information for ransom are over.  Today it is about what value you add to information.

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February 17, 2012

Episode-86- Dealing with “Clunky” Key Word Phrases

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Creating Consistant and Great Content is More Important than Its Format

Sometimes You Have to Be a Creative Wordsmith!

Today I do sort of a follow up on yesterday’s show on keywords based on a question a listener asked at TheRoadTo100K.  That question was…

Now what if the search phrase doesn’t make sense grouped together in a sentence, 3 different keywords lumped together?

This is really not that complicated, the basic rules are

1.  First see if the terms can be found in another data point where they are less clunky, minimal competition and have the same or more traffic, if you find that, use that.

2.  If you can’t do the above, try to make the phrase work with “throw away operators” such as the, a, and, if, etc.

3.  If you can’t do number 2, try to keep the words in order, use as many throw away operators as you can and fill it is with other words.

4.  If you can’t do number 3, change the order as minimally as possible, use throw away operators where you can and try to preserve some of the phrase.

5.  When all else fails get the words into a sentence and in the title and descripton tag and make some sort of link with at least some of the words part or your seo smart links campaign.

6.  Do your best, focus on content for humans and don’t stress out about any of this.

Tune in for More!

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February 16, 2012

Episode-85- Building a Deadly Effective Running Key Word List

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WIth Key Words Targeting is Everything!

WIth Key Words Targeting is Everything!

Today I am going to tell you how to build a growing and evolving key word list using a variety of tools and resources.  This is something you can do in 2-5 minutes a day and the cumulative effect is massive.  Imagine owning several thousand long tail terms, highly target and self growing.  It can be done and while each may only bring a few dozen or more visits a month combined they do more, far more than one big traffic term ever could.

However, I will tell far more than how this can build traffic and how to do it, today I will also tell you

1.  How to find keyword phrases your competitors don’t even know about, and never will

2.  How to insure growth of internal linking power on your blog with no real effort

3.  How to use old or secondary blogs for link building with almost no effort

4.  Why no SEO consultant in his right mind would ever explain this to you so simply

5.  How this technique can spur your content creation and help you create better quality content

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