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December 13, 2011

Episode-58- Email, The Orginal Social Media?

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Social media is king today it seems, everyone now accepts that FaceBook and Twitter are part of any good marketing plan.  I remember not long ago talking to corporate executives who told me things like…

  • FaceBook is just for kids
  • YouTube is amateurish our video needs to be hosting on our site
  • Twitter doesn’t make sense for a “real” business

What I attempted to communicate to these people was that “social media” was simply the evolution of how people communicate.  I often explained how email transformed every business and it seemed their memory of a business without email had been erased along with similar objections that came up when email first surfaced.

Well, of course today we are mostly past this stage, every catalog that comes in the mail for the Christmas season will likely have social media icons on them.  But was I own to something even back then, was email the first social media?

More importantly to us as marketers, what does this communications evolution mean to us in how we market our sites and our personal brands?  Tune in today to find out my thoughts on this.

July 15, 2010

Episode-12- The Importance of Lead Capture and Follow Up

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The number one reason most websites fail today is a failure to capture leads and make frequent content with them via automated processes.   I honesty don’t even think that claim is open to debate, show me a website that is failing and I will show you one that lacks effective lead capture and follow up.

Consider that when it comes to valuing a business it is always about the customer base, on the web your database is your customer base.  Some marketers feel that if they contact their list to often that many of them will opt out, my response good, find  your best audience and do it now.

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