Five Minutes With Jack Ramblings Of An Insane Internet Marketer

November 16, 2011

Episode-44- Monitizing a Website With Multiple Income Streams

So I got a lot of requests on this topic in the past few days.  I keep telling you not to build your primary income streams on third party systems such as AdWords or Amazon, it is fine to make some money with them but the core of your revenue should be some form of direct sales.  One listener in particular owns a website called, Forgotten Weapons.  This listener has been generating tons of good content and now gets 30,000-60,000 visitors a month and is kind of stuck in a “where do I go from here mode”.  Listen today as I explain some ideas for monetizing this website.

I am happy to do this with any website as long as it has good quality and consistent content on it and has built up a reasonable amount of traffic.  The key though is after you hear today’s show you should pretty much be able to look at any site and do it for yourself.

Make no mistake this is a DEEP topic and we will cover many areas of it both with direct and third party revenue, both areas have a place.  I am sure not about to send their checks back, so I am not bashing third parties just pointing out how critical it is to build direct income streams and not be dependent upon a third party who can change the rules on you.

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