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March 28, 2012

Episode-100- The Myth of Market Saturation

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Market Saturation is a Myth

Market Saturation is a Myth

My son and two of his friends are about to launch a new podcast focused on sports, they are going to call it “Sports Noise”.  I think it is great they are going to do this, my son and his buddies love sports, specifically, MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL.  If those letters all mean nothing to you don’t worry, today’s show isn’t on sports it is on the myth of market saturation.

Recently I met with the three young men and we had dinner to discuss their new venture.  One asked me, “do you think the market is over saturated”.  These guys are all in their early 20s so it is reasonable to understand why they may see things this way.  The reality though is the answer is a definitive no, they and everyone else should already know that to be true.

One of the big thing feeding this myth today the false understanding of the effect of “limitless choices” has had on the market.  Many people now feel with the internet, cable TV, podcasts, etc. that now there is so much content out there that clearly the market is saturated.  The reality is the exact opposite effect is created by these limitless choices.

When we had 6 TV stations and 6,000 gate keepers market saturation was a concern, today the “long tail of content” has forever destroyed the concept of market saturation, tune in today for conclusive proof that this is indeed the case.

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January 5, 2012

Episode-65- Always Be Selling

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The title of today’s episode may sound like a cut out of “Boiler Room” and I even mention that old movie, you really should watch it if you never have but I mean selling far differently today.  I talk to a lot of bloggers, podcasters, youtubers, etc that say something to the effect of…

“I am just getting started so I don’t have anything to sell yet”

That goes into the file of lemonade loser language in my book!  You do have something or more accurately things to sell, they include…

  • Subscribing to your email list
  • Subscribing to your rss feed
  • Joining your blog or forum
  • Signing up to your YouTube Channel
  • Liking you on FaceBook
  • Following you on Twitter

Each of those are measurable actions and when you justify them month against your analytics you get a conversion ratio.  In Google Analytics use new vs. returning and “absolute uniques” to get a good feel for real conversions as your site grows.

There is another more intangible thing you need to be selling though, it is the most important thing.  It won’t cost your audience a penny but it over the long term will be what makes you the most money.  Tune in to find out what it is.


August 3, 2010

The Internet Marketer’s Creed

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The following is a reprint of something I originally wrote in 2006 with a few updates included.  I was a solider at one time in my life back 20 years ago. I joined the Army at 17 and then served in the US Army Airborne during the First Gulf War. After that I served for 2 more years for deployments with combat engineers in Panama, Hondours and El Salvador.

Today in my late 30s I am a prior service “old man” in the eyes of the young guys out there serving today and like most “old men” from time to time I day dream and think back to my less sane years when jumping out of an aircraft flying so low that deploying a reserve was not a real option was something I considered, “fun”.

One day during a morning drive I was trying to think about some marketing ideas and one such old solider day dream came to me. I attempted to fend it off and think of some new marketing ideas. For some reason, the old  “Riflemens Creed” kept playing in my head.

Perhaps you have heard in the movie, Full Metal Jacket, it is the one that starts out, “This is my rifle, there are many like it, but this one is mine. Without me my rifle is useless, with out my rifle I am useless”. I then thought about how as Internet Marketers we could easily call our knowledge our “rifles”.

Think about it, “this is my knowledge, many have it but this knowledge is mine. With out my knowledge I am useless, with out my actions my knowledge is useless”. That is about as true a statement as can be made about being an online marketer!

By the time I reached my destination the following work was already complete in my head, only getting it into print was necessary. I hope you, my fellow internet marketing warrior, enjoys it and finds some words of truth within it.  If you want to know the way I have managed to build the success I have today, this type of thought process is what led to much of it,

~ Jack

The Internet Marketers Creed
By Jack Spirko

I am an Internet Marketer, which means I am fighting a war in which I shall always be out numbered. I choose to fight this war knowing that numbers alone cannot defeat me, as the Internet is the most equalizing battlefield in the history of warfare.

On the Internet it is my mind that is my primary weapon so I will maintain it, the way a solider maintains his rifle. I will do so by learning at least one new piece of information every day of my existence and I shall apply that information until I fully master its’ power.

I will seek opportunity in everything that I see, seeking synergy, relevance and importance in all things from my drive to the store, to the morning news and all events that I am aware of. Knowing that the Internet is, “content on demand” I will tune my attention to always utilize what is being sought to further my mission.

My primary mission is to insure that all the objectives of my websites and online activities are accomplished. I will do this by constant attention, innovation and never being satisfied with the current level of success, everything shall be tracked, measured and improved constantly.

I will monitor the Internet for any comments about my organization or my person and will never allow false or misleading claims or information to stand unchallenged. Response to these claims will be swift, accurate and aimed with laser precision, as the enemy will never be permitted to maintain the advantage false propaganda.

The war is won by the accumulation of power; power is in content and structure. Every activity I take will be designed to improve the content and structure of my online presence. From the search engines to the blogosphere and back I will not just be the master of my domain, I will be master of the web leading to it as well.

As an Internet Marketer I am part of an elite and 100% volunteer force of warriors and only my fellow warriors understand me. There is no knowledge we can gain, nor any school we can go to that we ourselves have not created. While my fellow warrior is technically the enemy, he is also my friend I will work with him so that we may both improve.

The battlefield will change every day and I accept that I may win a thousand battles only to end up back where I began. This is the way of the Internet warrior and it will not bring me to pause, only the will to adapt, overcome and achieve. There is no battle that cannot be won, because my greatest weapon is that my mind is capable of rewriting the rules and changing the nature of the battle at will.

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