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July 20, 2012

Episode-124- Pricing eBooks, an Online Business Plan for a Vet, Pointless Cliches

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One of the Great Lessons I Learned from Steven Covey

One of the Great Lessons I Learned from Steven Covey

So it is Friday and time for another edition of Five Minutes with Jack, the 5 minute podcast that is 60 minutes long on average, such is the ramblings of an insane internet entrepreneur.   Today I have a great show lined up we are going to talk about a lot of things you guys have emailed me about over the past few weeks like pricing eBooks, a bit on some of the new search/social news as always along with a tribute to Steven Covey author of  the 7 Habits of Effective People who just pasted on.

I also take on a listeners “beers in the mail challenge” question regarding how to effectively market a veterinary practice online using blogging, personal brand and social media, mmmmmm beeeeer!  I expect it in the mail soon Richard, LOL.

I will also be discussing the future of FMwJ and the eventual promised Road To 100K Premium Program.  It is coming I simply won’t take anyone’s money for such a thing until I know we are ready to do it right and deliver well on our promise to you.

Join Me Today As We Discuss

  • How do you set a price on an eBook
  • Taking a Veterinary Business into the the Blogging and Social Media World
  • Some pointless business cliches and a bit of reality and humor along with them
  • The lessons of Steven Covey and the 7 Habits
  • An update on my “Use Bing” experiment
  • The Future of FMwJ and RT100K
  • Are there any good “work from home” programs
  • Obama says “we didn’t build our businesses” why he is wrong and why it matters

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