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Episode-110- Using Zello as a Social Media Tool


Zello Can Build Relationships and Businesses

Last Friday I learned about an app called Zello on my podcast from a listener. I downloaded it at once because I understood it might be a great tool for communicatioins. It has a lot of preparedness components so that was my initial take on it. However, […]

Episode-105- Thoughts on Finding and Capitalize on Your Passion


I always say it, “follow your passion”, people like Mark Cuban and MJ Demarco say I am wrong but it doesn’t matter, I just keep on teaching it and demonstrating it works. The question of “is following your passion a great way to build a business?” isn’t really even worth debating at this point. […]

Episode-101- How Greed Prevents the Building of Wealth


Greed In Fact Does Not Create Wealth

I love the TV show The Simpsons (at least I did for years, I feel it has run its course now) and one of my favorite characters is Montgomery Burns, the classic evil and greedy rich man. While such characterizations may make great TV cartoons, they […]

Episode-80- Your “Level” Should not be Considered your “Limit”


Over the weekend I posted a really awesome and I mean really awesome video of Gary Vaynerchuk about working your ass off and he used the phrase “at your level” quite a few times. I found his use of the term spot on but it concerned me that many may take it the wrong […]

Episode-42- Why Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur is a Noble Pursuit


I firmly believe that becoming a a successful entrepreneur with a sustainable business that pays all their bills is one of life most noble of all pursuits. The simple fact is that many people have a negative view of money and business owners, such people are generally destined to remain slaves to a system […]

Episode-41- Why Passion is the Key to Success


Four months ago I interviewed a guy named MJ Demarco on The Survival Podcast. He is the author of a book called, The Millionaire Fastlane. One of the subjects we discussed was if following your passion was a good idea in business. He came down solidly in the camp of no, of course I […]

Episode-22- Passion, Persistence and the Rules of Business


Okay you have heard me say it that there is nothing more important in building a business than passion. You have heard me state that if you have enough passion you can make a successful business in any niche. Recently during an interview with Interesting Times Magazine though the editor took exception to that, […]

I think Gary Vaynerchuk and I are Long Lost Brothers


Much of what I say and have said about business for years is so in sync with what Vaynerchuk talks about it may seem that we are plagiarizing each other. This time though at least I got the message out first! On July 13th, I did Episode 7 of Five Minutes with Jack called, […]

Episode-7- Don’t Deny Your True Natue – A Lesson From A Snake


I recently received a comment on The Survival Podcast blog in response to my advice to “always follow your passion” where the commenter stated.

“In my opinion “following your passion” is bad advice for most people. To say that everyone should follow their passion is like saying that everyone should go to collage.”