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Episode-107- Broad, Phrase, Exact, CTR – Cracking The AdWords Code


Crack the AdWords Code

So I have often suggested Google AdWords as a source of targeted traffic but I haven’t really gone into the mechanics of AdWords yet, so we are going to do that today. The truth is AdWords can be the most targeted and high quality traffic that you can get […]

Episode-79- Creative Ways to Use StumbleUpon’s Paid Discovery


I Really Love StumbleUpon

Recently I mentioned a bit about StumbleUpon as a source of paid advertising traffic and that has sparked some follow up questions. Mainly how do I use it? I think a lot of you guys may have signed up for the “user side” of it. If you want to […]

Episode-72- Thoughts on Paid Advertising with Google AdWords and StumbleUpon


Paid Advertising Can Pay Big Dividends

I have been getting a lot of questions on paid advertising options lately and also noticed a lot of chatter at the Road to 100K Forum as well so I figured it was time for an episode on it. The reality is paid advertising is a great […]

Episode-26- Promoting and Marketing a Podcast


Today’s episode of Five Minutes With Jack covers some of the unique attributes of promoting a podcast vs. a typical blog or a website.

I received the following question from a listener

“Hello jack,

I have been listing to the Survival Podcast for about 6 month. First, I just […]