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January 10, 2012

Episode-67- The Unique Qualities of Video for Marketing, Selling and Building Brand

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Back in 2008 convincing companies that video especially on YouTube had a role in promoting their businesses was an up hill battle.  I can’t tell you how many uptight dumbasses in suits told me how YouTube was “unprofessional” or “sophomoric” and “didn’t apply to their business”.  Today almost every company that told me this has an online video presence.  People love video today and most agree that it…

  • Improves conversion
  • Builds brands
  • Creates followers
  • And promotes viral marketing

Very few marketers especially in the corporate space though seem to understand WHY it does these things so well.  Today I am going to explain the why behind them, tell you how to maximize that and help you get over “fear of the camera” if you suffer from it.

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January 5, 2012

Episode-65- Always Be Selling

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The title of today’s episode may sound like a cut out of “Boiler Room” and I even mention that old movie, you really should watch it if you never have but I mean selling far differently today.  I talk to a lot of bloggers, podcasters, youtubers, etc that say something to the effect of…

“I am just getting started so I don’t have anything to sell yet”

That goes into the file of lemonade loser language in my book!  You do have something or more accurately things to sell, they include…

  • Subscribing to your email list
  • Subscribing to your rss feed
  • Joining your blog or forum
  • Signing up to your YouTube Channel
  • Liking you on FaceBook
  • Following you on Twitter

Each of those are measurable actions and when you justify them month against your analytics you get a conversion ratio.  In Google Analytics use new vs. returning and “absolute uniques” to get a good feel for real conversions as your site grows.

There is another more intangible thing you need to be selling though, it is the most important thing.  It won’t cost your audience a penny but it over the long term will be what makes you the most money.  Tune in to find out what it is.


December 7, 2011

Episode-54- The Truth about Wealth Creation

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Money is Abundant only The Mind is Limited

Do You Really Understand Wealth Creation

Join me today as I discuss an total idiot of an author who did an article in a recent edition of “Countryside and Small Stock Journal“.  I really like this magazine by the way but this article which was called, “The Myth of Wealth” was complete idiocy.  Yet even in idiocy if you look with an open mind you can find something useful.

What I realized is that many small entrepreneurs are allowing this same type of thinking to effect their ability to create wealth for themselves.

This is true even though 99% of you would probably agree that the author’s contention is moronic.  Join me today as I explain how this type of thinking effects many people under a different auspice.

December 6, 2011

Episode-53- How to get Sponsors for a Podcast, Blog or Website

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This is a question I have gotten from quite a few people lately so I am addressing it today.  The big thing here is to get creative and a little bit aggressive if necessary.  Another thing and this is something I will need to do a follow up episode on because I didn’t really cover today is you need to SELL YOUR COMMUNITY.  People don’t really give a shit about “hits” or “visits” today apart from community.  They have heard the song and dance of “our site gets X-Thousand visits a day” only to get very little traffic or conversion.

As a person building personal brand you have influence as the leader of your community and you need to convey that to your prospective advertisers.  You need to use words like “personal endorsement”  over terms like banner advertising and traffic.  Tune in for more along with some creative ideas for breaking the ice.

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