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October 2015
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Are Your Link Partners Screwing You Over?

They just might be!

Let’s face it unless your site is very buzz worthy or you have major exposure it is almost a requirement that you take proactive steps beyond “writing great content” to get links. Today’s post is not about how to get the links but how not to get burned in the [...]

Episode-6- Writing Killer Title and Description Tags

Talk to a new person to seach marketing and they may not even know what a title or description tag is, perfectly understandable. Talk to a novice search marketer and they may have a rudimentary understanding of what these factors are, how to use them and how they effect things, fair enough. The [...]

Episode-5- Understanding the Long Tail of Search Marketing

So what is the long tail, it is really a concept that effects any large scale distribution environment. Consider the book market, at any one time the best sellers list accounts for a huge amount of daily book sales. Yet there are millions of other books that each sell perhaps only one or [...]