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Episode-123- Ad “Muting”, Playing with Bing, Pictures Rule All on FB and More


So it is Friday and time for another edition of Five Minutes with Jack, the 5 minute podcast that is 60 minutes long on average, such is the ramblings of an insane internet entrepreneur. Today I have some new and cool and different stuff along with a typical ass kicking level of motivation to […]

Episode-110- Using Zello as a Social Media Tool


Zello Can Build Relationships and Businesses

Last Friday I learned about an app called Zello on my podcast from a listener. I downloaded it at once because I understood it might be a great tool for communicatioins. It has a lot of preparedness components so that was my initial take on it. However, […]

Episode-98- If No One Talks Shit About You, You Have Yet to Make a Difference


Today’s episode is something that came up during discussion of a chapter of my book I am working on. I simply told her, “see these companies that want to control everything don’t realize that your not successful until someone is talking shit about you”, she responded by telling me that “I must be very […]

Episode-96- Rush Limbaugh Proves Big Media’s Complete Ignorance On Social Media


As I drove back from my appearance on The Glenn Beck Show yesterday I found myself flipping channels to various Talk Radio stations. I came across Rush Limbaugh and normally don’t really like to listen to him but he was talking about “finally getting on board with Twitter”. I thought it might be interesting […]

Episode-95- How Any Business Can Use “High Tech and High Touch” Marketing Online


Often when I talk about well, any form of online marketing the excuses begin to flow. Well my business is different, we only sell locally, we sell a physical product and don’t ship it, yadda yadda yadda, My response BULLSHIT. Business is business folks! There are certain rules to business with a key one […]

Episode-79- Creative Ways to Use StumbleUpon’s Paid Discovery


I Really Love StumbleUpon

Recently I mentioned a bit about StumbleUpon as a source of paid advertising traffic and that has sparked some follow up questions. Mainly how do I use it? I think a lot of you guys may have signed up for the “user side” of it. If you want to […]

Episode-58- Email, The Orginal Social Media?


Social media is king today it seems, everyone now accepts that FaceBook and Twitter are part of any good marketing plan. I remember not long ago talking to corporate executives who told me things like…

FaceBook is just for kids YouTube is amateurish our video needs to be hosting on our site Twitter doesn’t […]

Episode-56- Ways to make your site sticky


Today I want to talk about how using plugins, email lists, social media and forums can all be used to help you succeed at improving the stickiness of your site. One way to define a sticky site is…

“A website so rich in content and features, and so well organized, that visitors feel compelled […]

Episode-52- Physical Products and Personal Branding


I know I have given most of you the feeling that I don’t like physical products as an entrepreneur. That really isn’t the case at all, it is simply more accurate to say that I prefer informational or soft products for the online business model. There are many reasons but the biggest is that […]

Episode-36- Priming the Social Media Pump


I think far to many people are seeking a quick ROI from social media and I think this applies to both small entrepreneurs and larger companies who are now finally poking around in the social media sphere. What I see going on with most businesses in the social media space right now is wanting […]