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January 5, 2012

Using Sony Vegas, PodPress and WordPress to Publish a Podcast

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Quite a few listeners to Five Minutes with Jack have been asking exactly how you get a podcast into a wordpress post so it will work well with your feed, itunes, etc. I use PodPress and this video shows me taking a show, quickly editing it with Sony Vegas and publishing it.  If you want to watch it on YouTube just go to Using PodPress to Publish a Podcast with WordPress

July 16, 2010

Episode-15- Two Minutes to Blogging with WordPress and Fantastico

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So I have claimed it take about two minutes and two clicks to install a WordPress Blog if you use a Cpanel Host like Host Gator.  I say it is easy, fast and simple, further once installed you can add themes in a matter of seconds and be up and blogging on your own branded domain so there is no reason to build Google’s brand with blogger of them or any other free platform.

But if you are not a computer type is it really that easy?  Can anyone really do it?  Well if you can set up a blogger blog and use that I think this just as easy and a hell of a lot more powerful.  This is my first screen capture vid on my now computer so I got the resolution a bit off but it is clear enough and future ones will be better.

July 10, 2010

Episode-3- Don’t Be Cheap and Use Word Press

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In episode three I discuss a few important things. First the importance of spending a little money on hosting and a domain name. You are trying to build a business and a brand, you don’t do that with or you do it with and hosting is so cheap that it costs less than a cup of convenient store coffee each week.

Next I discuss some of the reasons I really like wordpress as a site platform, hosted on your own server and under your control of course. I also discuss some of my favorites plugins like

  • Buddy Press
  • TweetMeme
  • SEO Smart Links
  • All In One SEO Pack

Please note that while I provide links to these plugins you can install them with a click or two from the plugin section of the admin area on any WordPress blog.

I also recommended Host Gator, if you that link you will get a discount when you set up an account with them. I currently use three different hosts to create redundancy with my sites, HostGator puts them ALL to shame with their levels of 24/7/365 support.

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