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The RoadTo100K is Back

Looks like we had a brute force based attack that got into the database. We were able to restore to a back up point from a few days ago and change up all the access information.  If you joined in the last day or two you may have to set up a new account.

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    This is a good teachable moment for everyone– though I recognize that the forums are built on SMF rather than WordPress, perhaps an episode on WordPress security would be worth doing. There are some simple configuration changes that you can make, in addition to keeping WP and all plug-ins up-to-date, that will drastically reduce the likelihood that your site will be brought down by hackers.

    Numerically, the overwhelming majority of site takedowns and defacements are undirected– they are just scripts looking for vulnerable sites rather that actual people who have identified you as a target. Hence relative obscurity is not a safeguard… but these automated, undirected attacks are typically thwarted by staying up to date and making well-known configuration tweaks to WordPress, MySQL, PHP, etc.

  • Mark

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    Jack I don’t think you want these last 2 catagoried as podcast do you ?  you can erase after read.