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November 15, 2011

Episode-43- Transitional Business Model vs a “Part Time Business”

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A part time business will always be just that, “part time” it will never grow into a business that really provides you total freedom.  When something is “part time” we treat it that way, that means many other things are more important and come first.  Of couse most people have jobs, bills, lives to live, etc. so how do you break free when you can’t spend 40-80 hours on your business the way you do at your job?  The answer is simple, you develop a transitional business model.  That is a business set up and designed to be phased into over time.  This biggest difference though is psychological.

  • A part time business is a business that you run in your “spare time” that makes “extra money” that “might someday become bigger”
  • A transitional business is a business your run as a part of your life designed to and built with the intention of becoming nothing less then your primary source of income

They may look very similar in early stages but which one do you have and where is your business headed?  Tune into today as we discuss this further.

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    Hey Jack,

    So excited for this podcast to be back up and running! WOOOO! Just wanted to let you know that you motivated me to put an idea I’d be kicking around for a podcast and put it into action. I can’t tell you how helpful these podcasts are to a young entrepreneur like myself. I just wanted to let you know that I’m unable to register for the forums, it’s telling me that registration is currently disabled. Keep up the good work!

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    Hi Jack,

    Could you do an episode (or several) about ways to generate income? Something like a list of ideas and breifly explain how to implement them? Examples might be affiliates, memberships, pay for specific content etc.

    Also, after how long (or how much traffic) do you think is appropriate to try and start generating income with a website?

    Thanks for starting this up again!!

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      @Gif that is the 5th request in two days, so that is coming tomorrow.

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    Thank you for getting this back up and running. I have been following it and using it with my blog. I hoped you would “respark” the blog.

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