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June 22, 2012

What’s Up with FMwJ – A Special Message from Jack Spirko

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Jack at the Mic

The Podcast will Return Next Week

So two weeks and no podcast, whats the deal?  Well guys the deal is I have realized a limitation.  Doing 10 podcasts a week, running other blogs, etc pushed me to a limit that I feel is just too much.  Knowing your own limits is a skill I constantly must work on personally.  Yet the podcast isn’t gone, I spent the last two weeks really thinking deeply about what to do.

My decision is to go to a weekly show, make the show about an hour long and that way I can keep bringing you great content.  Additionally this will be roughly the same amount of content as 4-5 shows a week that run 10-15 minutes long.  It will however be a LOT less work for me.  I have learned that doing a 15 minute show is damn near as much real back end work as doing a 60 minute show.  Sure you spend 45 minutes more recording but to me that is the easy part.

This will also open up some other options, such as interview segment with subject matter experts, some common “segments” like say once a month 10 minutes on what the guys running facebook are up to, etc.  The first show like this will run next week.  I think this will also help me to not feel like I am running out of topics as well.

So here is what I want to know from you guys….

  • What day of the week do you prefer me to publish the show, as I pre record it isn’t any big deal to me, so what works best for you?
  • What subjects have I not covered that you really want to know about?
  • Are there any guests you would particularly like me to try to get on the air?  Don’t say Ferris I think for now he is beyond my current reach.

Sorry for the break in programming but I promise the new format will work better and make the show better than ever.

Key is though, what do we call the new show?  Thoughts?

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    First of, thanks for the update and for letting us know your plans for the show.  I have the same problem with limits.

    I would vote for keeping the show name the same.  It was already more than 5 minutes and nobody cared.  We just want the same great content.  There is something to be said for tradition and continuity.

    For subjects, I would like to hear your thoughts on article spinning and outsourcing content writing.  I hear a lot of people online talking about those as sources of content, want to know your opinion of it.

    Thanks and keep up the great work.

  • Bret

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    Hey Jack,
    Thanks for the update.
    A friend and I were just discussing how we missed the daily updates. I totally get the change in format. Mondays would be a good day to post the show. We’d have the week to listen and act.
    I’m just taking in the content now. Maybe help to bridge a gap btwn a service biz and a blog to get q community started.

  • Tim Dewey

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    Jack, Do what you have to do.  The content is wonderful and no-one wants you to get burned out.  Stuff is just too Good.


  • Craigzarkos

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    Keep the name. 

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    As a podcaster, I KNOW how tough it is to keep the constant momentum! To try and go continually, with no breaks – it’s just insane.

    Anyway, MONDAYS work for me! Would be great to come out of the weekend ready to be inspired and hit the ground running!

  • JakeReed

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    Monday or Friday.

    As for guests, Tim Conley from  I know him semi personally (we met up for about an hour and a half at a coffee shop and I saw his presentation at AZPodcamp.  I’m also a customer of his).  He’s an internet marketer with a lot to bring to the table.

    Maybe try for Jon Acuff of too. He answers the question of how to find what your passion is. 

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    Personally it doesn’t matter what day it is published, I almost never listen to podcast withing 24 house of when they come out.  They just get downloaded to my iPhone and I will go in spurts with each of the pod-casts I listen to.

  • Jon Nyman

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    BTW, I would much prefer less content and frequency if that means that higher quality. So I’m happy for the change!

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    I am excited about these changes, thanks.
    Leveraging Kickstarter
    Klout for Beginners
    How to define your customer

  • dk1138

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    First, thanks for the update and for doing this show in any form.  

    As for Subjects:
    Anything you can do to assist those of us working on non-podcast type web businesses would be great.  My wife and I are building a business to provide training and decision-support for specific functions in the non-profit world.  Thus, it’s a bit more of a technical product rather than an philosophy/interest-based podcast like TSP or a clearinghouse for a particular interest (e.g. outdoors, solar home improvements, etc).  
    Thus, a lot of your information on types of capital, approach to work, etc, are a big help, but a lot of the specifics don’t fit as well (e.g. the web framework approach you advocate is very much about podcasting or consumer-facing stuff, where I perceive a higher bar to clear in terms of design and functionality to sell to even small organizations).  
    I realize this may only partly overlap your intended audience, a lot of may have ideas, knowledge, or talents in fields where a direct-to-consumer info/podcast site might not be the best model.  
    Just sayin’…
    Shows on things like simple contracts, when to engage CPAs or attorneys, etc, might be useful.  How to work with tech partners beyond simple task outsourcing would also be great.  

    Anyway, love the podcast regardless, as it never hurts to keep an open mind about diverse income streams.  

    Actually, another topic I’d really enjoy hearing you talk about would be: How do you set up a podcast where you share your personal experiences and professional thoughts, when you work in a field/business/practice where you or your group might not really want you to share intimate details?  Ie., a lot of the “social capital” and credibility depend on having an identity.  How to do this anonymously, or pseudonymously?  

    As for day of week… How about Sunday PM?  That way those of us still mostly working M-F have another FMWJ to look forward to on the drive to work! 😉

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    A weekly show for an hour would be great. Any day of the week is good for me as I’m rarely able to listen on the day of release.

    I was just really happy to hear that the show will continue. 🙂

    I’ve already learned so much from both of your shows that all I can say is, “Thanks!”. I just started my own podcast so for me “Five Minutes with Jack” has been right on target with the topics you’ve been covering.

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    2 thoughts on the name: keep it and do a 5 minute mini-segment at the beginning of the podcast to knockout a small topic or The $100k Podcast

    2 thoughts on topics: Keywords are still giving me a giant headache. Maybe something on page keywords vs site keywords. And how to handle keywords when you can’t just repeat the topic in the phrase. (dog leads to dog walking and dog training but survival doesn’t lead to permaculture and ham radio operation.)

    hmmm 2 pairs, maybe I’m OCD… OCD

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    Thanks for the update Jack, I think we were all missing the show!

    I would like to know how I can move from a “hobby” site to an actual business. I seem to be stuck in hobby(employee?) mode.

    I like the Monday/Tuesday for the show. To be honest it doesn’t really matter. As long as the day is consistent.

    Looking forward to see what the premium content is!

  • Josh

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    I think the hour format will let you go into more depth on a subject which is a great thing.
    I’d like to hear more about SEO (all the hat colors) and PPC and how to use that.


  • CandyBabyE

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    Thanks for the heads up. Figured you were just overwhelmed.  Any day is fine with me since I download TSP daily and check FMwJ each day at the same time along with a few others.
    You’re content is almost always just what I need at the time, I think you call it the Universe knowing what it’s doing or something like that.
    I like your mix of basics for those like me and more advanced topics that make my eyes glaze over, but make me think and stretch my mind till I grasp what you’re talking about. I know that whatever the topics are and whatever guest you choose will be interesting and educational.

    Just keep up the good work.


  • Thomas Heagle

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    Keep the name.  It was what we started with and would be a shame to lose it. 

    As for content.  I could stand a little more of the basics and technical since I am just starting out otherwise it works for me as it is.

    And Thanks for doing the show to help those of us who want better out of life.


  • Jeff Lafferty

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    Thanks for the update, since I was wondering what happened to you. Personally I’ll keep listening whether the shows daily or weekly. I love the show and it inspires me, keep up the good work Jack!

  • LJH

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    So annoying, having only 24 hrs. in a day, eh?

    Jack, I have no idea how you keep so many plates in the air as it is, and with such high quality content. I love the idea of an hour-long show once a week and like most of the comments, any day is OK-Fine with me.

    For content, hmmmm – most of the techie stuff sails right over my head and at the same time, something I would grasp would bore the majority of your listeners into a coma. Still, it would be neat to have the occasional “For Dummies” episode, or maybe just a portion of an episode aimed at the truly clueless.

    And yeah, stick with the FMwJ, it’s wonderfully misleading. 🙂

  • Homesteaddividends

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    How about road to 100 k? Thats a decent name w no time committment in it.
    Id prefer it on sundays so i have sun eve to listen to it. Keep on rockin jack. Keep helping us with our dreams your show really helps

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    Thanks for the update.  With trying to do my dy job, work my side contractds, and do a blog, I understand the insane amount of work involved.  Once a week is  fine for me.

    I prefer Mondays  myself, but as you will for the day.

    Keep the name the same.  It will confuse the hell out of the newbies and give u an added chuckle.

    For a subject, how bout interviewing some of your viewers here and on the Forums to show success and inspire us strugglers.  Ryan Roquin of  The Gun Runner Podcast would make a good choice.

  • Bjshideler

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    great show jack.

    i dont care which day it comes out on.

    maybe some technical on website programming or plugins for wordpress and how to le erage them.

    guests that i listen to or read may be cool: podcast answer man, learning with leslie, mr money mustache, cubicle renegade.

    if you want a new name, how about something along the lines of the insane entrepeneur.

  • Matt

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    Thanks for the update.

    Personally any day of the week would be great for me.

    As for the name I vote for “the Road to 100K”

    As you’ll be gaining a new audience under a possibly renamed podcast how about a beginners guide series. I’m sure there would be value in this, not only to newbies, but also a refresher for everyone else.

    For guests I’d love to hear the stories of how people like Brian from ITS Tactical started his business and the challenges they’ve faced.

    Thanks for the opportunity to contribute.


  • Mil

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    Hi Jack,
    Thanks for the update. Personally, I like the name as at least we get 5 minutes with you, and the rest is all gravy. Any day you publish is fine with me.

    Some topics I am interested in:
    -I still don’t really understand how google ad sense works. Someone told me NOT to sign up for it because if I wasn’t careful, I’d end up with a big bill. Is that true?
    -How would I make me and my website stand out, i.e. find my Unique Selling Proposition?
    -I love the shows where you take one of our sites and just throw out ideas for particular niches like you did with the Old Weapons site.

    Thanks again, Jack, and take care.

  • Bill Foster

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    Bill here, one of the original 100 of 5MWJ and MSB member. Perhaps it is time for someone else to take over the day-to-day business of 5MWJ. Jack can make appearances on a regular or semi-regular basis. With guidance and commentary from Jack, 5MWJ will become what it was originally intended without stressing out the coach. No, it will not be the same, but sequels have their place.

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    Once a week is fine, I like Monday, but day of week isn’t that important.  Pick which ever day works best for you.  It is recorded and we can listen at a time best for us.
    Show can be renamed, or a segment of the show could be 5 minutes with Jack, where one of the audience is on the air with you for 5 minutes getting feedback on one area of their business.   It would also be good if that person wrote back or did a 2nd short interview on how following that advice helped their business.
    Doesn’t have to be an hour long, can be, but doesn’t have to be.  I realize not all businesses are the same, various business models, more than one way to get results.  But if the audience could take away one thing each week which helped their business and put it into action, gained new insight to improve their business model, or were inspired to start their own business, it is time well spent.  Easier to work on one area at a time, than a whole list of stuff.  

  • Mike

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    I’m with the majority here. Any day is fine, and I don’t see a problem with keeping the name the same. I appreciate all of your hard work & great content, on here & TSP. You are an inspiration to a lot of people. Keep up the great job!

  • Tom

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    Thank you for the podcast. Love the new 1-hour format. Keep up the good work.

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