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July 13, 2010

Episode-10- Who Do You Serve

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This is a bigger and tougher question than you probably realize.  This is far more than a niche, target demographic or any other marketing speak type term someone with a degree in something they have never done might come up with.

It is in fact the core component that will get you pass the gut checks that will come as your business and or brand begins to grow.  Who you serve is about more that who placed an order or joined your membership site yesterday.  It is about who they are as people, why you give a shit about them in the first place and the things you need to do to ensure you always put them first.

Join me today as I tell  you the story of a real entrepreneur who came to me for advice and what happened when I asked him this question and he honestly answered it for himself.  I will then expand on this concept and tell you why it is the mot important question a person can ever ask and more importantly find the answer to.

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    This is the message that I needed today as I struggled with a decision on whether to keep a series of products on my website that a) is not really up to par in quality and b) does not sell because the creator of the product has not gained momentum. I’ve decided to contact the person and notify them that the product comes off of the website when I roll out the new updated site in about 10 days. It’s tough for me to do this, but I know in my gut that it’s the right thing to do. I’ll keep asking myself from this point on.. who do I serve? Thanks Jack

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    Hey Jack, I am really enjoying this podcast! Just great stuff. great knowledge. Could you do a show about finding your passion? I guess talk about you finding your passion. then I can apply the principles to my life.

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